Idea: Technology for Group Decision-Making Processes

We are engaged in and affected by group decision-making every day. Senior executives meeting to decide the future direction of a company, members of a jury trying to decide on the conviction of a potential felon, or groups of friends trying to decide which party to attend on a Saturday night. All of these situations are affected by social status, subjective respect, formal social structures, and personal beliefs; but sometimes these factors lead decision-makers to irrational conclusions. In the case of executives at a company or jurors deciding on a case, the consequences of an irrational decision could result in the wrong conviction of an innocent person or millions of dollars in losses for the company.

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TravelSafe – A web application to keep travelers safe

Recently my friend Trevor McCasland and I submitted an app for the Hackathon for Humanity at Missouri S&T. The app uses data from the GDELT Project, an exciting initiative started by Kalev Leetaru to “keep continually updated on braking developments anywhere on the planet.” The project was cool and we won 2nd place in the hackathon! I may someday try to do research on this database, but for now we just wanted to demonstrate it’s potential. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to use this data!

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