Active Compression-Decompression CPR in Microgravity

One of my most exciting research experiences at Missouri S&T was getting to fly aboard NASA’s Weightless Wonder (also known as the Vomit Comet) to test Active Compression-Decompression CPR for long-term space travel. For three years I was on a team called Miners in Space where we would design and propose an experiment to the NASA Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. We were accepted into the program three times, and I flew aboard the Weightless Wonder for two of those years. We successfully demonstrated that this form of CPR could in fact be used on a spacecraft if the need arose. I created an outreach program that reached over one thousand students in five states each of the three years that I was on the team. I also performed electrical engineering design and fabrication, post-experiment data analysis, and helped write the proposals, safety reports, and final reports every year.

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