TravelSafe – A web application to keep travelers safe

Recently my friend Trevor McCasland and I submitted an app for the Hackathon for Humanity at Missouri S&T. The app uses data from the GDELT Project, an exciting initiative started by Kalev Leetaru to “keep continually updated on braking developments anywhere on the planet.” The project was cool and we won 2nd place in the hackathon! I may someday try to do research on this database, but for now we just wanted to demonstrate it’s potential. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to use this data!

Project Description:
TravelSafe uses the world’s largest event database to arm travelers with information to keep themselves safe. Although travel safety notification programs have existed through governments and other organizations for years, this new application changes the way we can explore historical data for ourselves. Being able to map and query different types of events that occurred in specific locations can be used for education on cultural, political, and business incidents that may affect travel destinations – and could potentially lead to unstable or unsafe environments. Get connected to thousands of events occurring around the world every day; Use TravelSafe.


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